Welcome to my A-Game

my A-Game provides provide NLP based mental performance coaching to aspiring and established sports people who want to be the best they can be. Many people focus on technical and physical skills – increasingly it is the finely honed mental skills that can make the difference between being a champion and an ‘also ran’.
On a practical level my A-Game provides 121 and group coaching to help people:

  • Set, plan and achieve goals & learn new skills faster
  • Overcome phobias & limiting beliefs
  • Recover fast from injuries
  • Control mental states & enhance communication skills
  • Bring your A-Game more often & stay in the zone for longer
  • Enhance motivation & build confidence
  • Calm nerves for competition & release your full potential
For help with your goals:

Email: mygamecoaching@gmail.com

Phone: 07792 930980

About my A-Game

My A-Game is run by successful sports and business person Paul Hewitt. Paul is a Master Practitioner of NLP, Hypnosis and Timeline therapy and a Master Practitioner of Sports NLP. He has an MSc in Corporate Communication. Paul is a former national and British masters champion in freestyle jet skiing. On his return to competition this year he won the 800cc class in Round 2 of the 2015 European freestyle championship.